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The Health Foundation has appointed two new professorial fellows to strengthen academic research in patient safety and person-centred care. Professor Alan Cribb, King’s College London, and Professor Charles Vincent, University of Oxford, are both leading experts in the field of improving the quality and safety of care.

The Health Foundation is committed to investing in leading thinkers: providing experts with the resources to develop world-class research to improve the quality of care.

We will be supporting Professor Cribb and Professor Vincent to continue and develop their research in person-centred care and patient safety over the next three years.

They will also advise the Foundation in choosing and evaluating relevant cutting edge research, as well as ensuring we are at the forefront of putting these ideas into practice.

Professor Nick Barber, the Health Foundation’s Director of Research, comments: ‘We are delighted to have two talented and experienced professorial fellows, both with exceptional track records in safety and person-centred care. They bring a breadth of experience, alongside – importantly – an understanding of the practical difficulties of delivering change in the real world.’

More information about Charles Vincent's research can be found on his group page.