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Congratulations to Anna Mitchell, Riikka Motonen and Nele Demeyere who have been awarded the title of Associate Professor in Experimental Psychology!

Nele Demeyere was recently awarded a Stroke Association lectureship award to map post-stroke cognitive recovery and decline. She now heads the Translational Neuropsychology group at the CNC, which primarily aims to bring neuropsychological expertise to real world clinical practice. Current projects include cognitive screening post stroke, screening for milder cognitive impairments (including vascular dementia) and developing novel ways of guiding mental capacity assessments.

Riikka Motonen is an MRC Career Development Fellow and a head a Communication and Cognition Research Group. She investigates the neural basis of speech communication using brain stimulation and imaging methods.

Anna Mitchell is a Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow. She studies interactions between the thalamus and cortex that are important for complex cognition (e.g. learning new information, planning daily activities, memory encoding and retention, and adaptive decision-making) in humans and using animal models.  This research has delivered a series of completely new insights into the role of mediodorsal thalamus in complex cognitive functions. She has also begun to relate findings from the animal studies to understanding the disordered cognition of patients with damage in the mediodorsal thalamus or with associated changes in thalamocortical communication.