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Experimental Psychology is please to welcome three new winners of prestigious British Academy postdoctoral fellowships.

Dr. Nahid Zokaei will be based at the Brain & Cognition Lab, headed by Professor Kia Nobre, over the next 3 years. During her fellowship, Nahid plans to study dynamic prioritization of information in working memory in both health and disease using psychophysics, neuroimaging and brain stimulation techniques. 

Dr. Andreas Jarvstad will be joining the group of Dr. Christopher Summerfield. His project explores the extent to which sensori-motor and cognitive decisions share risk/reward trade-off mechanisms and neural substrate.

Dr. Daniel Lametti will be joining the Speech and Brain Research Group headed by Professor Kate Watkins.  His project will examine the neural substrates of speech motor learning using a combination of imaging, brain stimulation and auditory-motor adaptation.

Congratulations to them all.