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The department is pleased to report tow new grant success.....

Wellcome Trust Strategic Award

Title: Integrated neural networks in the primate brain

Prof John Duncan, Dr Mark Buckley, Prof Matthew Rushworth, Prof Andrew Parker, Dr Caroline Bergmann, Dr Andrew Bell, Dr Anna Mitchell, Dr Kristine Krug, Dr Makoto Kusunoki, Dr Dante Mantini, Dr Mark Walton. Grant amount requested: £4,846,495 for five years starting 1st January 2014.

Action Medical Research Training Fellowship

A 3 year Research Training Fellowship from the UK-based charity Action Medical Research has been awarded to Lauren Heathcote, linked to Jennifer Lau’s research, which will enable Lauren to carry out a DPhil investigating anxiety mechanisms for paediatric chronic pain. The work will be done collaboratively with the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre in Oxford, and the Centre for Pain Research at the University of Bath. Grant amount: £140,000