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The Wellcome Trust Health Innovation Scheme has awarded Professor Glyn Humphreys of the Cognitive Neuropsychology Centre £450,000 for a new project entitled COAST – the Cambridge-Oxford Automated Screening Test.  This grant will fund the final stage of development of a tablet-based cognitive screening test for the assessment of cognitive problems after stroke. The tests is designed to be sensitive to the primary cognitive problems after stroke whilst being uncontaminated by poor language and spatial attention. The computerised screen is aimed to be run in hospitals and provide part of the standard NHS assessment after stroke. 

Additionally, The St John's Research Centre has awarded Dr. Mark Stokes a one-year research grant (£38,000) to launch a project entitle: The Data Share Drive. The project will employ a research fellow to develop methods for large scale data sharing and data reuse for secondary research. This will provide an important basis for improving the efficiency, efficacy and transparency in empirical research. Although the project is focused on neurophysiology, the problem of data sharing is inherently multidisciplinary. The Research Centre at St John’s College will provide a unique opportunity to integrate insights and experiences from across a range of academic fields to help identify factors associated with relative success and/or failure of discipline-specific data sharing initiatives.