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We are pleased to announce recent grants, honours and other success awarded to the current members of the department......

Kim Plunkett has been conferred as an Academician of the Academy of Social Sciences.

MRC Clinical Research training Fellowship award has been made to Jennifer Chesters for work on “Enhancing speech fluency with non-invasive brain stimulation in Developmental Stuttering" worth £169,151.00.

David Clark has received renewal of his NIHR Senior Investigator award which brings in £70,000 p.a.  into the associated Trust to support David’s work.

NIHR RCF grant to Anne Aimola Davies, Udo Kischka and Glyn Humphreys ‘Developing individualised assessment and rehabilitation for brain injured patients’, £70,000.

We have been invited into the next round of the Clinical DPhil Wellcome programme –bid being led by David Clark -  to enable us to fund clinical PhDs if we are successful.

EU Initial training Network to Glyn Humphreys, Jane Riddoch, Masud Husain and Kia Nobre on ‘Individualised diagnostics and rehabilitation of attention’ (INDIREA). This total award is around 4.5 million euros of which around 1.5 million will come to Oxford as the main host.

These last 2 developments are potentially important for us developing new PhD training packages.