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This week Dick Passingham (FRS) will be really retiring after making a long and very distinguished contribution to psychology, neuroscience and the Department.  Dick has been a member of EP (and a fellow of Wadham college) since his appointment in 1968.

Dick continued to be highly productive even after ‘officially’ retiring from his teaching position - since which time he has produced no less than 4 books – with the final one now being completed

What is Special about the Human Brain? (Passingham OUP, 2008)

The Neurobiology of the Prefrontal Cortex (Passingham and Wise, OUP, 2012)

A Short Guide to Brain Imaging: the Neuoscience of Human Cognition (Passingham OUP, 2015 in press)

From Computational Theories to their Implementation: the Legacy of David Marr (ed Vaina and Passingham, OUP  2015 in preparation).

It will be difficult to think that in the future we won’t be bumping into him along a corridor in Tinbergen and receiving some of his words of wisdom, not to mention witnessing one of his magic tricks! We do wish him all the very best for the adventure of this real retirement.