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Ritwik Niyogi has been awarded a 4-year Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral fellowship from the Wellcome Trust.  The position, based in Experimental Psychology, will allow Ritwik to investigate the neural circuits and neurochemicals underlying decisions about when to make actions and how much energy to expend on them.  Ritwik did his PhD at the Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit at UCL, working with Peter Dayan to develop real-time computational models of the value of work and leisure.  During his fellowship, Ritwik will now apply this theoretical work to try to understand the precise roles dopamine and serotonin systems play in such cost-benefit decisions by using electrophysiology, optogenetics, fast-scan cyclic voltammetry and theoretical modelling.  This work will be conducted in collaboration with Jeremiah Cohen (Johns Hopkins, Baltimore), Nathanial Daw (NYU) and Mark Walton (Oxford).