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Congratulations to Professor Kate Watkins, Professor Miles Hewstone and Dr. Sandy Schumann, and to Dr. Molly Crockett for being awarded research funding.

Kate Watkins won a prestigious MRC award aimed at "Enhancing speech fluency in people who stutter".   Adults who stutter will be enrolled in a randomised controlled trial involving speech therapy and transcranial direct current stimulation over the motor cortex.  Outcome measures involve MRI, MEG and TMS.  The MRI will include a novel application of vocal tract imaging to look at stability of articulatory movement in people who stutter. 

Miles Hewstone and Sandy Schumann won a grant from the Social Sciences ESRC Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) of the Social Sciences Division.  The title is: "Using virtual intergroup contact to build bridges between ethnically segregated schools".

Finally, Molly Crockett won a Springboard Award from the Wellcome Trust and Academy of Medical Sciences.  The title is: "Identifying risk factors for personality disorder using computational neuroimaging and ecological momentary assessment".

Congratulations to all of them!