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Fellow and Tutor in Experimental Psychology with Lady Margaret Hall joining us from Bristol

We are pleased to welcome Shelley McKeown Jones. Shelley is a social psychologist whose research focuses broadly on understanding how to improve intergroup relations in diverse and conflict settings. She has expertise in quantitative methods and is particularly interested in applying social psychological theories to shape policy and practice in education and beyond. Influenced by her time spent growing up in Northern Ireland, her research centres around a number of key areas:

  • Segregation: Examining how and why individuals from different religious, racial and ethnic groups interact in everyday life spaces.
  • Intergroup contact: Understanding how intergroup contact can be used to reduce prejudice and promote wider individual and societal benefits in conflict and divided societies.
  • Pro-social behaviour and collective action: Understanding under what conditions individuals engage in pro-social and collective behaviours to promote stronger community relations and build peace.
Shelley McKeown-Jones’ research in social psychology adds a major new dimension to the Department of Experimental Psychology.  Understanding how and why groups of people interact and when conflict arises has important implications for public policy and education.  I am very pleased that she is joining us in Oxford. - Professor Matthew Rushworth