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Hjördis Lorenz

BA (Hons), DPhil, DClinPsy

Research Clinical Psychologist

I am a Research Clinical Psychologist, working with Dr Eleanor Leigh. My work focuses on the implementation of online social anxiety cognitive therapy for adolescents (OSCA). I aim to understand obstacles to treatment implementation of OSCA in routine services and how to overcome these, by working with key stakeholders and using a broad range of qualitative and quantitative methods.

My clinical and research interests lie in evaluating, improving, and widening access to psychological therapies for anxiety disorders, and helping bridge the gap between research and clinical practice.

I recently completed my doctorate in clinical psychology (DClinPsy) at the University of Oxford and, prior to this, my DPhil at the Oxford Centre for Anxiety Disorders and Trauma (OxCADAT). My research focused on the development and evaluation of online cognitive therapy interventions for the prevention and treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder. My clinical work stretched across child health (paediatrics), common mental health difficulties (Talking Therapies), and specialist trauma work. Alongside my current clinical research, I work as a Specialist Clinical Psychologist in the NHS.

For more information about our work in Cognitive Approaches to Mental health in Young people (CAMY), see our website: