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Jane Gregory

BA, PGDip, DClinPsy

Doctoral Research Fellow

I am researching misophonia, a phenomenon where individuals experience an extreme negative emotional reaction to certain sounds, like eating, heavy breathing, rustling and repetitive tapping. At the more severe end of the scale, misophonia is a disorder that can cause substantial distress and interfere with relationships, work and study.

In my work as a clinical psychologist, I have been adapting cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) for the unique presentation of misophonia. Many patients have found it helpful for reducing distress and impairment caused by this curious sensory phenomenon. Whilst there is no know cure for misophonia, psychological therapies might be able to improve symptoms and functioning.

My current research aims to find the key cognitive and behavioural mechanisms of this phenomenon, and to test whether therapy techniques can change these mechanisms.

I am a clinical psychologist and am completing this research under the Wellcome Trust Doctoral Training Fellowship Scheme for Clinicians.