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Jirko Rubruck

M.Sc., B.Sc. (Hons)

DPhil Candidate

Experimental work and modelling in semantic learning

Research Interests

My interests range from Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology to Computational Neuroscience and Machine Learning. My DPhil investigates semantic learning. Specifically, I will examine if behavioural and representational changes during the learning of semantic knowledge are analogous to those observed in artificial neural networks. To achieve this end, we employ behavioural experiments, neuroimaging, and computational models borrowed from machine learning. I am funded by the ESRC Grand Union Doctoral Training Partnership.

Recently, I also completed my M.Sc. in Oxford funded by the ESRC. I received the Oldfield price for best overall performance in my cohort. Before coming to Oxford I graduated from the University of Aberdeen with a B.Sc in Psychology in 2021. For my undergraduate dissertation I employed convolutional neural networks to predict the allocation of human visual attention in natural scenes and was awarded the Alan B Milne prize for the best undergraduate project.