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Maryna Nosyk

Maryna Nosyk

Maryna Nosyk


DPhil Candidate

I am a DPhil student coming from Ukraine. I am interested in early development and how we can promote and support it in low-and-middle- income countries, like Ukraine. As part of my research project, I will adapt the START programme developed by Dr Alexandra Hendry.

The programme is designed for toddlers with a family connection to autism or ADHD. Previous research indicates that these kids may benefit from additional support to promote the development of executive functions, in particular, strong attention, regulation, and thinking processes. Such programmes are especially beneficial for toddlers who live in adverse environments. Studies indicate that strong executive functions are linked to better mental health and higher quality of life. The programme aims to support all children, whether they are neurodivergent or neurotypical.

Before joining Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford, I completed my MRes at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, UCL. I have also worked with children and young adults with special educational needs (e.g. autism or ADHD).