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Research groups

Naomi Tromans

Research Assistant

I am a Research Assistant in the CAMY group, led by DR. Eleanor Leigh, which sits within the wider TOPIC group, and focuses on research to better understand and treat social anxiety disorder in children and adolescents.

My role is also supported by the SURPRISES project at UCL, where I am part of the AIM Lab. This project investigates whether and how giving socially anxious young people positive surprises during social situations and reducing their self-focused attention could be used as mechanisms of improvement in cognitive therapy.

I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Oxford, focusing on developmental and clinical psychology in my final year. During my degree, I began collaborating with Dr. Leigh on an ongoing project looking at self-focused attention as a disruptor of working memory in socially anxious adolescents, and so possibly contributing to poorer educational outcomes.

More broadly, I am interested in the understanding of the development and maintenance of various disorders in young people, and how interventions may be better targeted and individualised.