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Philip McDonald

Research Grants & Contracts Manager

As Research Grants and Contracts Manager I oversee the effective and efficient running of the research portfolio within the Department.  I am also required to provide assistance to the Finance Team and Personnel Team when the Administrator is unavailable.

Responsibilities of the Role

  • I liaise closely with Investigators on costing research applications using the university’s costing software. Ensuring that the applications are fully funded, submitted within the required timescales to Research Services and manage the progress of the application from Investigator to sponsor. 
  • I liaise with sponsors and Research Services to clarify terms and conditions associated with particular funding streams.
  • I run a  management system for the Department’s research portfolio ensuring that research grants are fully spent thereby allowing Investigators to achieve maximum benefit from their funding within the regulations of the University and the sponsor. The process will include the setting up of awards, issuing start certificates, monitoring on-going expenditure including personnel commitments and to ensure staff contracts are extended to make maximum use of funds. 
  • I  identify and disseminate information relating to research funding streams and new initiatives to relevant staff members. 
  • Provision of administrative support for the Department’s REF submission and act as the liaison with the Symplectic team.
  • To ensure that monthly status reports are issued in a timely manner to all Investigators.  Proactively resolve any queries that may arise from the reports.
  • To provide interim and final financial returns to sponsors as required and to support the Investigators in delivering any other reports.
  • To support Investigators with European Commission applications and develop an extensive knowledge of EC contract terms and conditions.  To ensure appropriate records for EC funded awards are produced and maintained i.e. timesheets and contracts.
  • I act as secretary to the Research Committee which meets in each academic term to discuss Research activities such as number of applications and success rates, new awards and funding opportunities etc.