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Salvija Stončiūtė

BSc (Hons)

Research Assistant

I am a Research Assistant on the iCT-PG project within the OxCADAT research group. The iCT-PG project focuses on therapist-assisted online cognitive therapy for Prolonged Grief Disorder. This treatment programme is designed to be delivered via a website in conjunction with weekly therapist sessions.

Currently, we are developing an iCT-PG mobile application to enhance the accessibility and user-friendliness of the treatment. Additionally, we are conducting research to provide empirical support for this digital treatment approach for prolonged grief. Furthermore, in my role I am as well assisting the development of supervision training tools for iCT-SAD and iCT-PTSD treatments together with Dr Emma Warnock-Parkes. 

My broader research interests lie in digital mental health interventions, particularly concerning psychopathology and communication within neurodiverse populations. I aim to gain experience in the development of digital interventions to improve mental health outcomes for neurodiverse adults and to enhance understanding of neurodiverse communication.

I hold a BSc (Hons) in Applied Psychology from Glasgow Caledonian University, which I obtained in 2023.