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Santiago Castiello


Stipendiary Lecturer

Current project

My main research interest is how individual differences emerged in contingency learning. I am applying learning paradigms as well as computational modeling to assess differences in information processing across the schizotypal spectrum.

Other interests

Since 2015 I have been working with the Cochrane Collaboration, specifically with the Cochrane Schizophrenia Group. In 2018, with a group of health-care professionals, we created the Mexican Cochrane Center. Besides contributing with the goals of Cochrane (Producing evidence, Making our evidence accessible, Advocating for evidence, and Building an effective sustainable organization); we created Evidology, a non-profit organization to train health-care professionals on Evidence-Based Medicine.

In April 2019 I have been honoured to be part of the '30 under 30' series for "contributing to Cochrane activities in a range of ways, all promoting evidence-informed health decision making across the world".