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My DPhil project looks at decision making among clinicians by understand how they gather information before making decisions about patient cases. I aim to look at how information seeking informs the confidence that doctors have in their diagnoses, as well as how information seeking patterns are predicted by diagnostic uncertainty. This is especially important given that these decisions can be both time-critical and safety-critical. It is hoped that this research can also inform how we gather during decisions outside of healthcare. This project is supervised by Nick Yeung from the ACC Lab and Helen Higham from the OxSTAR Centre based at John Radcliffe Hospital.

My work as a research assistant examined the various factors that enhance or hinder human-machine teaming. To what extent do the mechanisms and dynamics that predicate human-to-human interaction map onto human-computer interaction? How do we assign trust and confidence in others, be they human or intelligent agent? In particular, my research is examining how humans weight advice from algorithms relative to other humans as well as using neural correlates of trust to understand how human-machine teams can be optimally utilised for complex decision-making.

Sriraj Aiyer

DPhil Candidate