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Victoria Castle


Postdoctoral Researcher

I am a research assistant on the START (Supporting Toddlers with a family history of autism/ADHD to develop strong Attention, Regulation and Thinking Skills) project led by Dr Alexandra Hendry.

I am leading the development of a neurodiversity-affirming measure of parent-child interaction that can be used with infants aged between 9-months and 4-years-old. To develop the measure, I am conducting a series of workshops and observational studies with neurodivergent families, to allow parents the opportunity to provide their insight into what a novel measure of parent-child interaction should look like. After piloting the resulting measure, this measure will be used in the START early intervention. 

I completed my PhD in Psychology at the University of Sussex on the topic of parent-child bidirectional effects in the development of self-regulation abilities. I have also worked on projects exploring mental well-being/mental health (particularly for youth with special educational needs and disability), and on links between early self-regulation abilities and later ADHD traits. I am especially enthusiastic about research that allows the neurodivergent community to get involved in each stage of the research process.