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Despite significant advancements in our knowledge of anxiety disorders in children and adolescents, they continue to be underrecognised and undertreated. It is critical that these disorders are taken seriously in children and young people as they are highly prevalent, have a negative impact on educational, social and health functioning, create a risk of ongoing anxiety and other mental health disorders across the life span and are associated with substantial economic burden. Yet very few children with anxiety disorders access evidence-based treatments, and there is an urgent need for widespread implementation of effective interventions. This review aimed to provide an overview of recent research developments that will be relevant to clinicians and policymakers, particularly focusing on the development and maintenance of child anxiety disorders and considerations for assessment and treatment. Given the critical need to increase access to effective support, we hope this review will contribute to driving forward a step change in treatment delivery for children and young people with anxiety disorders and their families.

Original publication




Journal article


J Child Psychol Psychiatry

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Anxiety disorders, adolescents, assessment, children, intervention, treatment