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We describe the materials used to develop cultural sensitivity within 350 nursing students. These involved a lecture on dimensions of difference between east and west, exercises on names and early memories and the construction of a cultural genogram. In addition, we report the results of an evaluation study which was both quantitative and qualitative. The questionnaire data indicated that the workshop was useful and clear. Using IPA analysis, the interview data indicated seven major themes: a close, safe space in which to talk, increased cultural awareness, freedom to inquire, awareness that cultural self-knowledge is essential for developing cultural sensitivity, impact of cultural sensitivity training on professional work with people, limitations and suggestions for future workshops and wanting more workshops in a similar vein. Second stage IPA analysis indicated four levels of cultural sensitivity: 'Them', 'Us and Them', 'We' and 'Transcendent'. Integrating the findings of both the qualitative and the qualitative data, we conclude that the workshop was highly appreciated and that there is a demand for more training in this area. Implications for further training in cultural sensitivity are considered.

Original publication




Journal article


Nurse Educ Today

Publication Date





171 - 178


Cultural Diversity, Education, Nursing, Female, Humans, Male, Program Evaluation, Teaching Materials, United Kingdom