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While visuospatial neglect is commonly associated with damage to the right posterior parietal cortex, neglect is an anatomically heterogenous syndrome. This project presents a systematic review of 34 lesion-mapping studies reporting on the anatomical correlates of neglect. Specifically, the reported correlates of egocentric versus allocentric, acute versus chronic, personal versus extra-personal, and left versus right hemisphere neglect are summarised. The quality of each included lesion-mapping analysis was then evaluated to identify methodological factors which may help account for the reported variance in correlates of neglect. Overall, the existing literature strongly suggests that egocentric and allocentric neglect represent anatomically dissociable conditions and that the anatomy of these conditions may not be entirely homologous across hemispheres. Studies which have compared the anatomy of acute versus chronic neglect have found that these conditions are associated with distinct lesion loci, while studies comparing the correlates of peripersonal/extrapersonal neglect are split as to whether these neglect subtypes are anatomically dissociable. The included studies employed a wide range of lesion-mapping analysis techniques, each producing results of varying quality and generalisability. This review concludes that the reported underlying anatomical correlates of heterogeneous visuospatial neglect vary considerably. Future, high quality studies are needed to investigate patterns of disconnection associated with clearly defined forms of visuospatial neglect in large and representative samples.

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Attention, Lesion mapping, Stroke, Systematic review, Visuospatial neglect