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AIM: The review aimed to offer a contemporary perspective of the quality of current colorectal surgery. METHOD: A literature search was undertaken to identify relevant indicators. Citations were included if they related to quality in colorectal surgery. The search terms used included the Medical Subject Heading terms and Boolean characters: 'colon' OR 'colorectal', OR 'rectal' OR 'rectum' AND 'Quality Indicators', OR 'Quality Assurance', OR 'Quality of healthcare', OR 'Reference Standards', OR 'Quality' plus a variable floating term. A two-person independent review was undertaken from resulting citations and their consequent reference lists. The search was limited to citations from 2000 to 2010 in humans and to the English language. RESULTS: Metrics identified as potential quality indicators in colorectal surgery are discussed according to the structure, process and outcome framework. CONCLUSION: A clear appreciation of the scope of individual metrics for quality appraisal purposes is necessary if they are to be used meaningfully for performance benchmarking.

Original publication




Journal article


Colorectal Dis

Publication Date





961 - 973


Benchmarking, Colorectal Surgery, Humans, Outcome and Process Assessment, Health Care, Quality Indicators, Health Care