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The last few years have seen the rapid development of a range of novel packaging technologies that are currently enabling many companies to engage in radical innovation in terms of the multisensory packaging of their food and drink products. Consequently, more and more companies are now starting to introduce new coatings and packaging formats to their product lines. But just what multisensory attributes should one's packaging have? In this review, we highlight some of the most important recent developments in multisensory packaging design and innovation, focusing specifically on the beverage sector. The empirical evidence demonstrating the importance of the sight, sound, feel, smell, and, in some cases, even the taste/flavour of a product's packaging is critically reviewed. The latest research demonstrates how, at its very best, multisensory beverage packaging can significantly enhance a consumer's multisensory product experience (we call this 'functional' packaging). We also demonstrate how the latest insights from the fields of experimental psychology and cognitive neuroscience are now starting to provide insights concerning the design of novel multisensory packaging; Packaging that is starting to stimulate the consumer's senses more effectively and make the products (not to mention the experience of consuming them) more memorable and enjoyable. © 2012 Nova Science Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved.


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187 - 234