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© 2014 Elsevier Ltd. We investigated the crossmodal associations that people hold for Asian noodles, and the influence of the plateware/receptacle. Chinese participants viewed online photographs of natural, red, green, and yellow noodles presented in bowls or plates made from ceramic, glass, paper, or stainless steel. In Experiment 1, the participants reported the first taste/flavour that came to mind, and rated their feelings and taste/flavour expectations concerning the noodles. In Experiment 2, the participants had to choose a taste term from a list to indicate the first taste that came to mind, and rated their feelings about the noodles. The results of both experiments revealed that the red noodles tended to be associated with a spicy taste/flavour; whereas the yellow noodles were often associated with a savoury taste/flavour, and rated as looking more familiar and pleasant than either the red or green noodles. The receptacles used to present the noodles did not influence the observed colour-flavour associations. However, the material of the receptacles appeared to interact with the colour of the noodles in terms of influencing people's subjective ratings of, and taste/flavour expectations concerning, the noodles. These findings therefore demonstrate the complex interactions that can occur between the colour of the product and the type/material of the receptacle on people's expectations regarding the taste/flavour of Asian noodles in the Asian marketplace.

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Journal article


Food Quality and Preference

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141 - 150