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How do (perceptual) distracters distract?

Journal article

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A Normative Account of Confirmation Bias During Reinforcement Learning.

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Normative Principles for Decision-Making in Natural Environments.

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Neural state space alignment for magnitude generalization in humans and recurrent networks.

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Hippocampal place cells encode global location but not connectivity in a complex space.

Journal article

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Optimal utility and probability functions for agents with finite computational precision.

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If deep learning is the answer, what is the question?

Journal article

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A map of decoy influence in human multialternative choice.

Journal article

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How does value distract?

Journal article

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How Can Neuroscientists Respond to the Climate Emergency?

Journal article

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Selective Integration during Sequential Sampling in Posterior Neural Signals.

Journal article

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Characterizing emergent representations in a space of candidate learning rules for deep networks

Conference paper

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Journal article

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Where Does Value Come From?

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Causal Inference in the Multisensory Brain.

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Human noise blindness drives suboptimal cognitive inference.

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A Network for Computing Value Equilibrium in the Human Medial Prefrontal Cortex.

Journal article

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