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Frontal and temporal coding dynamics in successive steps of complex behavior.

Journal article

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Prefrontal and Medial Temporal Lobe Cortical Contributions to Visual Short-Term Memory

Journal article

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Integrated neural dynamics for behavioural decisions and attentional competition in the prefrontal cortex.

Journal article

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Frontopolar cortex shapes brain network structure across prefrontal and posterior cingulate cortex

Journal article

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A One-Shot Shift from Explore to Exploit in Monkey Prefrontal Cortex.

Journal article

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The neural substrate and underlying mechanisms of executive control fluctuations in primates

Journal article

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A one-shot learning signal in monkey prefrontal cortex


Achterberg J. et al, (2020)

Emergence of abstract rules in the primate brain

Journal article

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Focused Representation of Successive Task Episodes in Frontal and Parietal Cortex.

Journal article

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