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Positive and negative intergroup contact: Interaction not asymmetry

Journal article

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What buffers ethnic homophily? Explaining the development of outgroup contact in adolescence.

Journal article

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What's past is prologue: Intergroup emotions and trust as mediating the links between prior intergroup contact and future behavioral tendencies

Journal article

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An experimental comparison of direct and indirect intergroup contact

Journal article

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Depersonalized extended contact and injunctive norms about cross-group friendship impact intergroup orientations

Journal article

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The Extended Contact Hypothesis: A Meta-Analysis on 20 Years of Research.

Journal article

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In vino veritas? Social influence on "private" wine evaluations at a wine social networking site


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When Leaders are in the Numerical Majority or Minority: Differential Effects on Problem-Solving

Journal article

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Are diverse societies less cohesive? Testing contact and mediated contact theories.

Journal article

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Self and team prioritisation effects in perceptual matching: Evidence for a shared representation.

Journal article

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When is computer-mediated intergroup contact most promising? Examining the effect of out-group members' anonymity on prejudice

Journal article

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Different size, different language? Linguistic ingroup favoritism and outgroup derogation by majority and minority groups

Journal article

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Studying Positive and Negative Direct and Extended Contact: Complementing Self-Reports With Social Network Analysis.

Journal article

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Advanced Multilevel Modeling for a Science of Groups: A Short Primer on Multilevel Structural Equation Modeling

Journal article

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Journal article

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