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Understanding stigma in hoarding disorder: A systematic review

Journal article

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Hoarding disorder – Investigating the relationship between reported prior deprivation and current beliefs about fear of material deprivation.

Journal article

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Linking betrayal and mental contamination in OCD: A mixed-methods systematic narrative review

Journal article

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Therapists' beliefs about excessive reassurance seeking and helping manage it: Does experience play a role?

Journal article

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Non-Cardiac Chest Pain as a Persistent Physical Symptom: Psychological Distress and Workability

Journal article

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Reassurance and its alternatives: Overview and cognitive behavioural conceptualisation

Journal article

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Revised Beckian cognitive therapy for generalised anxiety disorder

Journal article

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Different cognitive behavioural processes underpinning reassurance seeking in depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder

Journal article

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What is the common ground for modern psychotherapy? A discussion paper based on EACLIPT’s 1st webinar

Journal article

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Obsessive compulsive disorder during pregnancy and postpartum: a systematic review of women's experiences of maternity and mental health care

Conference paper


Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy and the BABCP: 50 years and counting.

Journal article

Salkovskis P., (2022), Behav Cogn Psychother, 50, 129 - 130

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