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Hunger improves reinforcement-driven but not planned action.

Journal article

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An association between prediction errors and risk-seeking: Theory and behavioral evidence.

Journal article

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Reward sensitivity and action in Parkinson's disease patients with and without apathy.

Journal article

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The human hippocampus and its subfield volumes across age, sex and APOE e4 status.

Journal article

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Tremor in Parkinson's disease inverts the effect of dopamine on reinforcement.

Journal article

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Dopamine promotes instrumental motivation, but reduces reward-related vigour.

Journal article

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A common neural network architecture for visual search and working memory

Journal article

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Short-term memory advantage for brief durations in human APOE ε4 carriers.

Journal article

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Distinct white matter tract changes associated with apathy in cerebrovascular small vessel disease

Conference paper

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Reduced drift rate: a biomarker of impaired information processing in functional movement disorders.

Journal article

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Voluntary modulation of saccadic peak velocity associated with individual differences in motivation.

Journal article

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