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What are the implications of what we found?

Our research thrives because of the interactions with national charities supporting individuals with genetic disorders and their families. We also summarise our findings for parents and families in short reports, most of which are also published in the Newsletters of the Societies with which we collaborate (e.g., the Fragile X Society, the Williams Syndrome Foundation, Unique, the Down Syndrome Educational Trust).


Fragile X Research workshop, 14th March 2017

In an exciting partnership, we teamed up with the Fragile X Society for an exciting meeting bringing together researchers working on fragile X syndrome across the UK and beyond. The programme is available here. All talks were recorded and are available here.


Newsletter contributions

  • Strengths and weaknesses in attention and memory, report based on studies conducted in 2001-2003 and on work by various research groups across the world. Written for the Fragile X Society Newsletter (2007, Spring Issue), Research Supplement.
  • Summary of past research and of a new project on attention in toddlers and young children with Williams syndrome. Written for the Williams Syndrome Foundation Newsletter (2007, Summer Issue)
  • Summary of the findings on Development of Individuals with an Extra Sex Chromosome ("DIESC"), written in collaboration with Unique.
  • Summary of Year 1 findings from the Longitudinal Attention Study, written for the Fragile X Society Newsletter.
  • Summary of the findings on Attention, Literacy and Numeracy in children with Down syndrome or Williams syndrome.
  • Summary of Year 2 findings from the Longitudinal Attention Study, written for the Fragile X Society Newsletter.

Please e-mail us if you would like to receive a copy of any of these sources.