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Information for researchers in the department on applying for research funding......

If you are interested in applying for research funding please contact Philip McDonald ( in the first instance.

All grant applications need to be approved by the Research Services Office (RSO) once the budget has been agreed by the department. The RSO require 5 days for processing applications prior to approval and submission, so early warning of deadlines is essential.

Oxford University Research Services

The  Research Services website provides comprehensive support to researchers and departmental staff across the research life cycle. Sections include:

  • About research support
  • Contacts
  • News
  • Consultations
  • Training and professional development
  • Find funding
  • Major sponsors
  • Applying for funding
  • Costing and pricing
  • Research Facilities and Equipment
  • Research contracts
  • Consulting activity
  • Intellectual Property
  • Impact and Knowledge Exchange
  • Managing awards, reporting outcomes and Open Access
  • Clinical Trials and Research Governance
  • Research integrity and ethics
  • Research Income and Activity Reports

Useful Internal Links

Useful External Links

Finding funding

About X5

X5 is the new research costing and pricing system, which is replacing Resolve. The system is currently being rolled out across the whole University. For further information, including how to prepare for X5, news and updates, and user guides, please see our X5 pages at:

On-line applications systems

Many of these funding bodies now have on-line application systems, which you will need to be registered for to apply for funding:

Please also have a look at the Research Funding Information section on WebLearn for further guidance on applying for research funding.