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14 October 2015, Dr. Eiluned Pearce was featured in a Naked Genetics podcast recorded at the British Science Festival, speaking about her ongoing Genetics of Human Sociality project. 

19 May 2015, Dr. Anna Machin's research finds that fathers who want to be more involved with their newborn children feel held back by lack of support from health staff, government and society. Read about it here.

17 April 2015, Professor Robin Dunbar was featured in short Financial Times video on the the future of friendship in the digital world.

On November 18, 2014, Professors Robin Dunbar and Clive Gamble discuss the Lucy to Language Project in a short film by the British Academy for the Humanities and Social Sciences. 

On 7 October, 2014, Professor Robin Dunbar's research was featured in The New Yorker

On 25 September, an ongoing SENRG collaboration with Max van Duijn of Leiden University and Anna Rotkirch of the University of Helsinki was featured in the Leiden University student newspaper Mare. The project explores social bonding processes in the Leiden University student fraternity Agusustinus. English translation by Wilma van Maanen can be found here

Dr Eiluned Pearce discusses her singing research in a short video produced by the Workers' Educational Association.

Professor Robin Dunbar wrote an article on friendship for NewScientist.

DPhil student Rafael Wlodarski won the best research poster competition at an OxTALENT

Professor Robin Dunbar featured in European Research Council (ERC) Stories.

Professor Robin Dunbar discusses Dunbar's Number on Social Sciences Bites.

Professor Robin Dunbar appears with Jonathan Ross and Danny Wallace in new Guinness TV ad.

On 11 October Rafael Wlodarski published two papers on kissing in romatic relationships that received global media coverage.

On 27 September Professor Robin Dunbar spoke at TEDx Transmedia 2013 in Rome.

On 6 September Professor Robin Dunbar spoke at The Sticky Stuff (or How Empathy Can Help Glue 'Broken Britain' Back Together) event in Glasgow.

On 13 August Eiluned Pearce provided comment for on the early Neanderthal bone tools, apparently used for leather-working, reported recently in PNAS by Marie Soressi et al.

On 18 July Professor Robin Dunbar was a panel member at the Oxford Alumni Summer Debate at the London Film Museum.

event in June. The poster outlined Rafael's research on 'Menstrual cycle effects on attitudes towards kissing romantic partners'.

Presenting at the Deveron Arts' Faceloop event in Huntly on June 5th, Dr Tamas David-Barrett discussed the evolutionary origins of friendship.

On 31 May Professor Robin Dunbar Professor Robin Dunbar spoke at Listowel Writers' Week, Listowel, Ireland.

Professor Robin Dunbar performed at the Bright Club Comedy Club in London.

Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine has an extensive feature article titled "The Dunbar Number, From the Guru of Social Networks", profiling Prof Dunbar and talking about his work on the social brain hypothesis and about Dunbar's number and its implications for the business models of social networks and other Silicone Valley startups.

The University of Aalto Finland presented Prof Robin Dunbar with an Honorary Doctorate in Technology in a ceremony held on 12 September. Prof Dunbar is being honoured for research that has "great significance for the understanding, predictability and planning of mechanisms active in human communities."

Forbes Magazine contributor George Anders discussed social networks in the age of technology in an article titled Oxford Scholar: Your 1,000 Friends On Facebook Are A Mirage, talking extensively about Professor Dunbar's recent research.

Dr Anna Machin took part in a panel discussion on the psychology and neurobiology of relationships at the Royal Society as part of the Summer Science Exhibition 2012. A video of the discussion can be seen here.

Professor Robin Dunbar was an editor for a special theme issue of 'Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society: Biological Sciences' on The social network and communicative complexity in animals. A video podcast is available of Prof Dunbar talking about some of the themes covered in the issue.

Presenting at the TEDx Observer event in London on the theme "Where Inspiration Meets Action," Professor Robin Dunbar talked about technology, relationships, and laughter. The Guardian covered the conference with a live blog.