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I completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology at Downing College, Cambridge. Following this I taught Mathematics in a challenging secondary school in the West Midlands. Last year I completed an MSc in Clinical Psychology at the University of Leiden and completed an internship in the Psychology department at the University of Reading. I started working as a Graduate Research Assistant at the University of Oxford in July 2015.

Bethan Page


Graduate Research Assistant

Risk and Safety Research Group

My role is to support the Patient Safety Collaborative at the Oxford Academic Health Science Network (AHSN): I assist with data analysis, literature searching and literature reviews.

Currently I am working towards publishing findings on the Safety in Mental Health clinical programme: a quality improvement project to reduce rates of failure to return from leave in acute psychiatric wards. I am also supporting the sepsis workstream with the development of a coding system to quantify rates of sepsis from patient discharge data. This data system will be used for tracking the progress of local quality improvement efforts to improve outcomes of septic patients.

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Absconding: reducing failure to return in adult mental health wards