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Juan Manuel Galeazzi González

BA(Hons), MSc(Res), DPhil

Postdoctoral Research Associate

  • Computational Neuroscience Tutor and Lab Demonstrator

Research Summary

My research focuses on understanding how sensory signals are integrated and transformed into motor actions. In particular, we are interested on how visual information is used and combined with other signals to guide motor commands such as reaching to a visual target.

To investigate this, I am currently using artificial neural networks to simulate some of the neuronal properties observed in different parts of the primate posterior parietal cortex and premotor areas.

We have recently modeled the visually guided development of neurons that encode the position of targets in the frame of reference of the hand. This result advances our understanding of how these neurons self-organize through visually guided learning.

We are now continuing to develop artificial neural network models that explore how different positional signals can be used to implement reference frame transformations.

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