Research groups


Miriam Klein-Flugge

BSc Mathematics/Computer Science (2006), MSc Neuroscience (2008), PhD Neuroscience (2013)

Sir Henry Wellcome Fellow

I am a neuroscientist interested in how the human brain enables us to perform complex types of decisions, for example when desired outcomes are only obtained after delay, physical labour, or sequences of actions. I use brain imaging (fMRI, MEG) as well as causal stimulation techniques (TMS) to study these processes in the healthy human brain.

In my PhD, I was particularly interested in the mechanisms by which decision signals reach motor regions to enable implementation of the resulting actions.  In my current postdoctoral fellowship, I am continuing my previous lines of research but I am also planning to study which precise aspects of these computations are impaired in disorders involving abnormal decision-making, such as depression.

Please refer to my personal website (link to the left) for more information.