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Sriraj Aiyer

Attention & Cognitive Control Lab (Yeung lab)

My current research goals are to examine the various factors that enhance or hinder human-machine teaming. I have a background in Computer Science and more recently Human-Computer Interaction,
whereby I have utilised research into human behaviour to derive insights for technology design, such as for medical data visualisation and portable telepresence. From this experience, I have become more driven to uncover human insights during interaction, both with other humans and with machines. I now would like to look at human perception and cognition while working alongside machines and automation from a psychological point of view. To what extent do the mechanisms and dynamics that predicate human-to-human interaction map onto human-computer interaction? How do we assign trust and confidence in others, be they human or intelligent agent? These questions are what drive me in my current research and also tie into my long-term interests. I am excited by interdisciplinary research that bring disparate academic areas together to solve questions that will continue to grow more pertinent as technology adopts an increasingly crucial role in working environments. In particular, my research is examining how humans weight advice from algorithms relative to other humans as well as using neural correlates of trust to understand how human-machine teams can be optimally utilised for complex decision-making