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A window on the world of reading research

The Oxford Children’s Dictionaries Department at Oxford University Press have been working closely with ReadOxford, a research group based in Experimental Psychology, Oxford University to discover how children learn to read and write.

Together, we have produced two sets of videos to showcase our collaborative work. One set describes ReadOxford’s research on reading development. The other set introduces the Oxford Corpus - a huge database containing language written by and for children.  We discuss how the Corpus has benefited from the thousands of stories written by children in the UK as part of BBC Radio 2’s 500 Words competition, and give a flavour of what we are learning about children’s language by analysing the stories they write. We also comment on how this in turn has led to informing our excellence in Children’s Dictionaries.

For more information, please visit and

ReadOxford's Reading Development Research

Learning to Read: How does the journey begin?

Learning to Read: Understanding what we read

Learning to Read: What can eye tracking tell us?

The Oxford Children's Corpus

Introducing the Oxford Children's Corpus

Oxford Corpus and ReadOxford, Oxford University

Oxford Children's Corpus. What have we learnt so far?

Other Impact Stories