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Andrew Saxe photo

Andrew Saxe is one of 13 early-career researchers with exceptional leadership potential to be selected for the
CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholar programme. This programme supports outstanding early-career researchers through mentorship, a global network, professional skills development plus a generous financial award in unrestricted research support for two years.

After a competitive recruitment process that generated 184 eligible applications from 31 countries, 13 researchers (five identifying as women and eight identifying as men) were selected to join four CIFAR programs. These researchers are among the top emerging global researchers with citizenship in six countries and appointments in institutions in Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, the UK and the United States.

CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholars join one of four CIFAR research programs for 24 months where they collaborate with fellows and contribute new approaches toward the most important questions facing science and humanity. Following the program, many scholars stay connected to the CIFAR community as fellows, Canada CIFAR AI Chairs, and workshop participants. Andrew, who will join the Learning in Machines and Brains programme, says:


My lab aims to develop a mathematical toolkit for analysing learning in deep neural networks, a class of artificial neural network model that takes inspiration from the brain.

Alan Bernstein, CIFAR President & CEO says: “Early-career researchers have the brilliant ideas that will change the world, and we want to help them develop and grow as researchers and professionals. These thirteen scholars join an incredible community of researchers from around the world, interested not just in advancing knowledge in a silo, but in seeing the impact that knowledge can have across disciplines and on the wider world.”

The CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholars program is made possible through generous funding from the Azrieli Foundation with additional support provided by the Love Family Leadership Development Fund as well as other individuals, corporations and foundations.