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Earlier in July, the department was proud to have hosted another successful group of eager young Oxford hopefuls interested in studying experimental psychology at undergraduate level.

UNIQ is an Oxford-wide outreach programme, aimed at students from under-represented backgrounds to give them a bite size experience of the teaching and research done here at Oxford.

This year, we plunged 30 eager young scientists and into the life of an undergraduate in our department.



Overall UNIQ was amazing!
- UNIQ Summer 2019 student

 Throughout the week the students were also treated to a packed itinerary of lectures from members of the department on their area of research, from developmental science with Gaia Scerif, psychological disorders with Lucy Bowes and behavioural neurosciences with David Bannerman. They were also given an introduction to the more bizarre secrets of our mind and brains from our very own Head of Department, Kia Nobre. To give them a greater taste of the reality of life as an Oxford Student, they also received simulated tutorial sessions with members of the department at their respective colleges.



I really enjoyed the tutorial, I never knew perceptive neuroscience be so interesting.
UNIQ Summer 2019 student 

Outside of the lecture theatres and seminar rooms, the students received a taste of the practical, lab-based components of life as an undergrad. From EEG, visual perception workshops and a session hosted at the fMRI centre at the John Radcliffe, they had an opportunity to place themselves in the role of a research scientist. The students also received a wet-lab experience handling neural tissue and lab-specimens.



I really enjoyed the intro psychological disorders and social psychology. The EEG workshop was also done really well
UNIQ Summer 2019 student

The success of the programme at the department couldn’t have been achieved without the tireless efforts of the volunteer ambassadors, administrators (especially Rebecca Cardus and Nele Demeyere), tutors and lecturers.  




Ella Peak, Student Ambassador remarks: “My experience as a UNIQ Ambassador for Experimental Psychology was extremely positive. All students I spoke to on the programme felt inspired by what they had learned, and there was a brilliant range of sessions so there was something to interest everyone. What stood out to me the most was the friendly, welcoming atmosphere- lecturers explained concepts in an accessible way, always gave students the opportunity to ask questions and even sometimes spoke about their own background, which I think made studying here seem more feasible. This helped students come out of their shell and flourish in the academic sessions, making the most of the short time they had here.

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