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Photo of 10 award recipients wearing black robes including Dorothy Bishop.

Congratulations to Dorothy Bishop, Professor of Developmental Neuropsychology, who was awarded a Doctor Honoris Causa from the University of Liège on 20 November 2021. Among those recognised were 216 Doctors, and 11 Belgian and internationally renowned academics (one per Faculty). 

By awarding this distinction to Dorothy, the Faculty of Psychology, Speech Therapy and Educational Sciences of the University of Liège sought to honour a researcher whose pioneering work has significantly influenced not only (neuro ) developmental psychology, but also professionals in the management of language and communication disorders.

Dorothy said“I was delighted to be awarded an Honorary Degree at the University of Liège, which is has an strong academic standing in the fields of psychology, speech and language therapy and education, all of which are relevant to my work. It was a very special occasion to honour the newly-minted PhDs, who had succeeded in completing their studies despite all the adverse circumstances caused by Covid. As I noted in my speech, it was also such a pleasure to take part in a cross-national event, confirming that, regardless of Brexit, academic  research is an international activity.”

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