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The awardees for the second round of the University of Oxford’s Enriching Engagement funding scheme have now been announced, including two projects from Experimental Psychology.

Gold trophy shaped like three stars

Enriching Engagement is a Wellcome-funded grants programme open to Wellcome grant holders and awardees at the University of Oxford, to develop and deliver Public Engagement with Research projects. 

We are proud to announce that two of the awardees are from our Department including:

Dr Catherine ManningSensory Street. While members of the autism community are all too aware of the importance of sensory processing differences, people without autism-specific training or expertise may be unaware of the effects that sensory processing differences have on daily life. Catherine and her team will use their award to work with autistic people create an immersive experience (i.e. Sensory Street) to inform those who come into contact with autistic people (e.g., hairdressers, shopkeepers) about sensory processing differences. 

Dr Anna MitchellAPE: Animations and Public Engagement to promote transparency in primate neuroscience research. Anna and her team will use video, animations, hands-on workshops and talks to show the public how and why we use animal models and humans to investigate the brain circuitry involved in learning new information, making memories and value-based decisions. 

Congratulations to other awardees in the Department:

  1. Dr Jacinta O’Shea (Department of Psychiatry) – "Building stress resilience in early adolescence”
  2. Professor Anne Goriely (Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, Radcliffe Department of Medicine) – “Me and my genome: What am I really made of?”
  3. Dr Carlo Rinaldi (Department of Paediatrics) – "Muscle Switch"
  4. Professor Jane Mckeating (Nuffield Department of Medicine) – "Understanding viruses: combining science and art to empower young people”

Full details of each project are available on the University of Oxford website