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Experimental Psychology image for Centenary of Women campaign

Oxford University has launched a campaign in recognition of the 100-year anniversary of the formal admission of women students.

Women were first granted full membership to the University on 7 October 1920 and then, one week later, were given the right to be awarded degrees. Women students who had been denied a degree since the late 1870s began to return to the University to claim them. To mark the importance of this event in Oxford’s history, the ‘Women Making History Centenary’ campaign will run throughout this academic year, across the colleges and University.

The Department of Experimental Psychology is proud to take part in this Centenary and is in the process of gathering the names of 100 amazing women who have graduated from our Department who have gone on to make their mark on the world in exciting and diverse ways. 

Kia Nobre, our Head of Department, said,


Without doubt, the greatest legacy of our Department are the individuals that we have trained and their contributions to society. The Centenary Campaign is a chance for us to celebrate the success of our previous students and researchers, inspire future generations and demonstrate the varied career paths open to EP graduates and researchers. 

A range of events and initiatives will run across the University to encourage students, staff and the wider public to engage with the historic milestones and pioneering individuals who transformed a once male-only space to the Oxford of today, which now awards degrees to more women members than men. The University has admitted more women undergraduates than men for the last two years consecutively.

We welcome nominations of EP graduates and undergraduates to add to our Centenary list, so please send your suggestions to us

Find out more about the Centenary events and initiative planned.