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Research groups

Amy Bryans McCall

BA (Oxon)

Research Administrator and Research Assistant

I am a research administrator in The Oxford Psychological Interventions for Children and adolescents (TOPIC) group. I work on the MY-CATS project which aims to evaluate the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of systematic screening for children (aged 4-7) at risk for anxiety disorders, on the basis of one or more risks, and provision of an online intervention to parents. 

I am also a research assistant on the Co-SPACE study (COVID-19: Supporting Parents, Adolescents and Children during Epidemics). This study aims to track children and young people’s mental health throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

Prior to joining the TOPIC group, I worked as a research assistant in the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry group at the Department of Psychiatry. I worked on the SEEN (Secondary Education around Early Neurodevelopment) project.

My research interests are in child and adolescent mental health. I am also interested in clinical neuroscience, particularly psychopharmacology. I graduated with a BA in Experimental Psychology from Magdalen College, Oxford in 2020.