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Jack Andrews

Wellcome Early-Career Fellow

Developmental Science & Mental Health

Research Summary

Accepting DPhil applications for the next admissions cycle. 

I am a developmental psychologist interested in how adolescents navigate their complex social networks, and how these networks impact mental health. In particular, my current programme of work is focused on:

(1) The role of peer influence effects on adolescent mental health (e.g., social contagion and co-rumination)

(2) The application of novel methods to evaluate the success and failure of school-based interventions for mental health (e.g., using social network analysis)

(3) The development of social-cognition during adolescence (e.g., social working memory). 

Much of this work draws on a combination of methods, including those from experimental psychology (e.g. behavioural experiments), the computational social sciences (e.g., social network analysis), epidemiology (e.g. longitudinal modelling) and intervention science (e.g., randomised controlled trials). 

My research is currently funded by the Wellcome Trust and University College, Oxford, where I hold the Stevenson JRF in Medical Sciences (Psychology). I am also an affiliated Research Fellow at the Matilda Centre for Mental Health and Substance Use at the University of Sydney. Prior to joining Oxford, I read Psychological & Behavioural Sciences at Cambridge and completed my PhD at the UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience. I then spent a couple years in Australia as a postdoc at UNSW and the University of Sydney.

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Graduate student (DPhil) applicants: If you're interested in undertaking a DPhil (PhD) in mental health, social influence, and/or social development during adolescence then please get in touch, and ideally well before the application deadline to help maximise your chances. 

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