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Roi Cohen Kadosh

Roi Cohen Kadosh


Roi Cohen Kadosh

BA PhD (Distinction)

Visiting Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience

Understanding and modulating cognitive functions and neural mechanisms in the human brain

Awards, Prizes, and Honours

I have received 60 awards, grants, and honours. Below is a selected list.

2020 Oxford University Innovation (OUI) Entrepreneurs Fellowship

2019 Professorial Merit Award, University of Oxford

2016 Early Career Award, The International Mind, Brain and Education Society

2015 Professorial Distinction Award, University of Oxford

2015 Senior Research Fellow in Psychology, Jesus College, University of Oxford

2014 Scholar Award, The James S McDonnell Foundation

2014 Hugh Price Fellow in Psychology, Jesus College, University of Oxford

2014 Spearman Medal, The British Psychological Society

2013 Paul Bertelson Award, The European Society for Cognitive Psychology.

2012 University Research Lecturer, University of Oxford

2011 JRF in Experimental Psychology, Jesus College, University of Oxford

2010 Career Development Award, The Society for Neuroscience

2009 Wellcome Trust Research Career Development Fellowship, The Wellcome Trust

2009 The Sieratzki-Korczyn Prize for Advances in the Neuroscience

Research Summary

My research focuses on the psychological and biological factors that shape learning and cognition, with the aim to develop effective intervention protocols for cognitive enhancement in clinical and non-clinical populations.

I have worked extensively on understanding the neurocognitive bases of mathematical abilities in a range of populations including children and adults, participants with atypical development, and human expertise (e.g., mathematicians). Since 2014, my group and I have expanded our research to related cognitive domains, such as executive functions and sustained attention.

Depending on the research question, the techniques I use can vary from cognitive assessment, mental chronometry, and modelling of human behaviour to neuroimaging methods that allow me to examine neurochemicals, brain structures and functions. Importantly, I have been pioneering the use of brain stimulation to manipulate neuronal activity and to modulate neuroplasticity during cognitive training to improve learning and cognition.

My work so far has received considerable international recognition, as indicated by prestigious awards, prizes, and honours (see above). I am currently working with engineers, neurophysiologists, clinicians, and neuroethicists on successfully translating our multidisciplinary research approach into effective intervention protocols to improve learning and cognition in typical and atypical populations.

Key publications

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