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Siyu Zhou

Siyu Zhou

Research groups



BEd & MEd in Early Childhood Education, Beijing Normal University

DPhil Candidate


Psychological Interventions for Young Children through Parents


Hi, I'm a DPhil student working with the TOPIC research group led by Professor Cathy Creswell.

My Ph.D. research is based on an excellent research project called MY-CATS- Minimizing young children's anxiety through schools. MY-CATS aims to evaluate the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of systematic screening of children (4-7 years) at risk of anxiety disorders, based on one or more risks, and to provide an online intervention to parents. My job is to identify the potential factors (mediators and mediators) that may influence the effectiveness of intervention using a broad range of methods (including systematic reviews, quantitative analysis, and qualitative interviews). Ideally, my findings will help the MY-CATS team better understand the underlying mechanisms of the whole project, so as to maximize its effectiveness and accessibility for more children and families.

Before coming to Oxford, I have spent 7 years completing my Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education at Beijing Normal University, China. My previous research has focused on early childhood psychological development and its influential factors in the family context. Sometimes, I also extend my research to other child caregivers such as preschool teachers and grandparents. At the meantime, I have been trying to develop an evidence-based online parenting intervention program in the Chinese context that will empower parents with scientific parenting principles and skills. Building a bridge between theoretical research and educational practice has always been the driving force of my research.

Welcome to contact me if you have any questions or have the same research interests as I do. Here are some of my published works if you interested: