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Research groups


Takuma Morimoto

BEng, MEng, DPhil

Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellow, Junior Research Fellow at Pembroke College

Research Interest

In daily life, we encounter materials with a range of visual properties such as metal, cloth, or plastic. Through sight alone, we are skilled at judging their colour, glossiness, lightness, shape, and translucency; at inferring their associated physical properties, such as light/heavy, soft/hard, rough/smooth; and even their states, such as wet/dry, clean/dirty, solid/melted. Humans use these visually-collected information to guide our behaviour in everyday life (e.g, we can carefully step on the slippery pavement). 

My research is inspired by a fundamental question in neuroscience: How do we achieve stable perception of "stuff" based on sensor inputs that are highly variable across contexts? We aim to understand the mechanisms underlying this perceptual stability using psychophysics and recently developed machine learning algorithms.