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Research groups


Urška Košir

BSc in Psychology

DPhil Candidate

  • Risk & Resilience (Bowes Lab)

Urška is a PhD student in Experimental Psychology at Oxford University. Her doctoral work focuses on the psychological adaptation of young cancer patients and survivors. Urška is exploring the mechanisms of psychopathology and resilience in young survivors to answer questions such as why some survivors become depressed, anxious, or experience PTSD, and in what ways illness, social environments, and personal characteristics interact in the development of psychological distress in survivorship. Urška employs mixed methods, from longitudinal data set analyses to qualitative examination of young survivors’ experiences. She hopes to develop a theoretical model of psychopathology and resilience in young cancer survivors and that her results will lead to novel screening approaches as well as preventative measures in Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) oncology settings.

Prior to moving to Oxford, Urška obtained a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Yale University. Most of her work at Yale fell under the umbrella of mental health; from understanding autism to the exploration of depression symptom clusters and how they might be utilized in prescribing antidepressant medication. Upon graduating, Urška worked as a research assistant in a psychosis lab at Yale Medical School in the Department of Psychiatry where she worked on a clinical trial that explored the use of Naltrexone as a weight gain prevention strategy for patients with psychotic disorders.